Once a year it is time for the German Mahjong Open. This year the GMO will take place in Hannover from 02. September to 03. September 2023 at the “DJH” in Hanover.

Tournament mode:

We would like to play 7 rounds @ 120 min according to the Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR) and EMA MERS Regulations.

Tournament venue:

This year we will be in the south of Hannover, close to the sportpark, in a green and cosy environment:

Jugendherberge Hannover International, Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg 1, 30169 Hannover.

DJH Jugendherberge Hannover

At this venue you will also find a limited amount of B+B room.

Registration and information:

Registration is open for all MCR players. Last day for registration will be 10. August 2023. The number of participants is limited to 60.

The registration fee is 65€ (60€ for DMJL members) and includes buffet lunch (on Saturday and Sunday, cake on Saturday and Sunday and tea, coffee and water during the breaks. 

Vegetarian lunch will be available, please only note your wishes during the registration.

All participants agree with the publication of name, country, city of residence and results as well as photographs and video material taken during the GMO events. All other transferred and collected personal data is only for internal use by the organizers in connection with the GMO. 

Feel free to contact the German Mahjong Orga Team for registration, any support or open questions:

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    Telephone: +491742001805

    Looking forward to seeing you in Hannover!


    Saturday, 02.09.2023
    Session 108:3010:20
    Session 210:4512:35
    Session 313:3015:20
    Session 416:0017:50
    Sunday, 03.09.2023
    Session 508:3010:20
    Session 610:4512:35
    Session 713:3015:20
    Award Ceremony16:0016:30


    1.Ad van der Linden 08010411NEDX
    2.Pauline van der Linden08010412NEDX
    3.Monika Jenjahn05100016GERX
    4.Dimphy van Grinsven08010168NEDX
    5.Petter Ranefall09990044SWEX
    6.Annika Ridell09990045SWEX
    7.Anton Kösters08010039NEDX
    8.Timur Hahn05100153GERX
    9.Anne Royet04040098FRAX
    10.Slilke Bansemer05900008GERX
    11.Yeyin Lu10990082ESPX
    12.Thibaut Arnold16000035SUIX
    13.Peter Beese05100124GERX
    14.Nadine König05900002GERX
    15.Yufan Dong05000004GERX
    16.Heidi Ludwig05100077GERX
    17.Heinz Ludwig05100078GERX
    18.Elke Pünjer05100018GERX
    19.Heike Schäfer05100056GERX
    20.Juergen Schnier05100165GERX
    21.Frédéric Chassot16000007SUIX
    22.Eva Demichel0410106FRAX
    23.Julian Nowakowski05100171GERX
    24.Heiko Domann05100101GERX
    25.Andreas Riha01000109AUTX
    26.Franz Neuwirth01000110AUTX
    27.Loïc de Kergommeaux04290031FRAX
    28.Ronald Lammers08010689NEDX
    29.Erna TeeuwenNEDX
    30.Zuokan Hu05000003GERX
    31.Songqing Lin05000002GERX
    32.Gérald Vlamynck04040243FRAX
    33.Olivier Roy04210015FRAX
    34.Ksenia Trishina09990127SWEX
    35.Nicolas Baptiste04410014FRAX
    36.Moa Henriet09990008SWEX
    37.Emelie Östman09990009SWEX
    38.Marion Hoarau04090055FRAX
    39.Wei Chen05100143GERX
    40.Jacob Samuelsson09990128SWEX
    41.Erika Gerdes05100017GERX
    42.Friedrich Gerdes05100024GERX
    43.Ulla Eickschen05100067GERX
    44.Robert Müller05100127GERX
    45.Emma Fahlström09990088SWEX
    46.Anais Fonteneau04090132FRAX
    47.Jade Waechter04130121FRAX
    48.Olav Sommers08010526NEDX
    49.Jacqueline Oudshoorn08010727NEDX
    50.Sai Ming Fung04090110FRAX
    51.Caroline Arnaud04090060FRAX
    52.Cédric Aguerre04090080FRAX
    53.Katarzyna Chabelska19000080POLX
    54.Yun LinGERX