Doppelturnier 2018 (English)

7. Juli 2019

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There is a double tournament on weekend 27. and 28. October 2018 in Edewecht. On Saturday we’ll play a Riichi tournament (RERS 1) and on Sunday there will be a MCR tournament (MERS1). Planned are 5 Hanchan at Riichi, each 90 minutes. At the Mers tournament there will be 4 rounds, each 120 minutes.
Start is on Saturday at 08.45 h and on Sunday at 09.00 h; awards ceremonies at around 18.45h on Saturday and 18:00h on Sunday.

It is planned to play regarding valid EMA-rules 2016, so without red fives but include open tanyao.

Registration Information:
Registration fee is:
both days 50 Euro (Member of “Deutsche Mah-Jongg Liga (DMJL) e.V” 45 Euro)
one day 25 Euro (Member of “Deutsche Mah-Jongg Liga (DMJL) e.V” 22.50 Euro)
This includes coffee, tea and water as well as lunch and cake. (please inform us if you want a vegetarian lunch).

On Saturday, during the Riichi tournament, it is possible to take part in a free MCR play. (Please register if you want to play. Registration fee for this play is 10 Euro).

Last day for registration is 10.10.2018.

The tournaments take place at
Gasthof am Markt (former Landhaus/Schützenhof) Edewecht
Hauptstr. 53
26188 Edewecht

If you need a lift from Oldenburg station or Bad Zwischenahn, please get into contact with us in time.
A small amount of private accommodation is available, please ask for if needed.


Saturday Riichi
Registration 08:45 09:10
Opening 09:10 09:15
Hanchan 1 09:15 10:45
Break 10:45 11:05
Hanchan 2 11:05 12:35
Break (Lunch) 12:35 13:20
Hanchan 3 13:20 14:50
Break 14:50 15:10
Hanchan 4 15:10 16:40
Coffee + cake 16:40 17:00
Hanchan 5 17:00 18:30
Break 18:30 18:45
Award ceremony 18:45


Sonntag MERS
Registration 08:00 08:15
Opening 08:15 08:20
Round 1 08:20 10:20
Break 10:20 10:35
Round 2 10:35 12:35
Break (Lunch) 12:35 13:15
Round 3 13:15 15:15
Coffee + cake 15:15 15:45
Round 4 15:45 17:45
Award ceremony 18:00


Registered Players:

Nr Player EMA-Nr Country MCR Riichi (RERS1) MCR
1 Heiko Domann 05100101 GER X X ip
2 Monika Jenjahn 05100016 GER X X def
3 Pauline van der Linden 08010412 NED X X def
4 Ad van der Linden 08010411 NED X X def
5 Eveline Broers 08010035 NED X X def
6 Gerda Van Oorschot 08010003 NED X X def
7 Timur Hahn 05100153 GER X X ip
8 Olav Sommers 08010526 NED X X def
9 Erika Gerdes 05100017 GER X X def
10 Heidi Ludwig 05100077 GER X X def
11 Friedrich Gerdes 05100024 GER X X def
12 Heinz Ludwig 05100078 GER X X def
13 Axel Eschenburg 0510090 GER X X ip
14 Jaap Croeze 0810026 NED X X def
15 Marianne Croeze 0810025 NED X X def
16 Dagmar Fischer 5100058 GER X X ip
17 Peter Beese 05100124 GER X X def
18 Silke Bansemer 05900008 GER X X ip
19 Jacqueline Oudshoorn 08010727 NED X X def
20 Sandra Van Wijngaarden 08010731 NED X X ip
21 Frédéric Chassot 16000007 SUI X X def
22 Jos Dermout 02010039 BEL X X def
23 Chris de Roock 02010038 BEL X X def
24 Kristien Dermoout 02010044 BEL X ip
25 Uwe Pekau 05900010 GER X X ip
26 Jürgen Brahmst-Sörensen 05100161 GER X def
27 Jürgen Schnier 05100165 GER X def
28 Sven-Hendrik Gutsche 04130004 FRA X X ip
29 Sylvie Valognes 04130005 FRA X X ip
30 Pieter Potmeer 08010436 NED X X ip
31 Heike Schäfer 05100056 GER X def
32 Anne Schäfer 05100057 GER X def
33 Steffanie Duhme 5100033 GER X X ip
34 Michael Zahradnik 05900003 GER X ip
1 28 33

Status information 05.09.2018: ip = in progress, def = definitive

Last day for registration is 10.10.2018. Registration is definitive only after paying the fee.

All participants agree with the publication of name, country, city of residence and results as well as photographs and video material taken during the GMO events. All other transferred and collected personal data is only for internal use by the organisers in connection with the GMO.

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