Registration for the European Riichi Championship 2010

The registration for the 2nd European Championship of Riichi Mahjong 2010 (Hannover, 2010-07-09/11) is making progress: Until today applications or nominations for 65 of the 80 possible entrant positions arrived at the organisation committee.

However there’s still room for four more Finnish players, and from Italy (3 positions) and Sweden (1 pos.) no input has been received yet and we know of no official qualification schemes – so if you’re from those countries and would like to participate in the championships, you should contact your EMA associations and/or apply for a seat via the registration form on the official ERC website.

All nominated players are kindly asked by the organisers not to wait for the deadline with their registration, if possible – Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom already completed their setup, the Danish team is nearly complete, the Germans are halfway through. Thanks all for your support and please don’t forget to also transfer the registration fees in good time.